September 14, 2009

Oliver: 3 Months!

Brian and I still have that "out of the corner of my eye" moments with these baby dolls. Especially when they are found in Oliver's cradle or bouncy seat.

He smiles ALL-THE-TIME! That is, if you are making eye contact with him. Which presents a challenge when taking photos.

The joys of having an older sister.
"Oliver wearing a hat, to get married" she said with a big grin.

~Oliver loves to suck on his hands.
~He is super-duper ticklish; so much so that he giggles when I change his clothes.
~When he takes a bath he gets so excited that he kicks, kicks, kicks until water splashes on his face and he looks at me like, "what was that?!" I laugh, then he laughs and it starts all over again.
~He can capture the attention of a crowded subway. One older woman smiled at him, he laughed and at least 10 people chuckled. I teared up.
~He knows how to stare into my soul and soften my heart.
~It's hard to get anything done because I love to look at him and make him smile...because I'm sure he loves it too.


  1. I've always thought that Isabella looked a lot like Brian. The last picture...the TP bride picture, Oliver looks A LOT like you!!! ...something about that expression.

  2. what a sweet guy! love that first shot and the "wedding hat". siblings are the best!


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