February 8, 2010

Oliver: 8 Months

He's such an easy laugher.  If he is crying we can usually make him laugh-cry.  It's pretty hilarious.

Last week he finally sprouted his first tooth and it was a doozy.  Two days of 101+ fever, tears, constant mama holding, head rolling, the works.  I was certain (or hoping) that such an episode would have resulted in more than just one tooth, but no such luck. 

He loves:
pinching mama
an open mouth--constantly (see above)
putting everything in his mouth
pulling mama's hair
pulling Isabella's hair
laughing, laughing, laughing
peas & plums--baby food style
anything we are eating
watching daddy dance
screaming loudly, especially during quiet church meetings
making strangers make silly faces at him
blowing raspberries
sucking on his toes
making us all completely adore him


  1. Anonymous8:39 PM

    What is blowing raspberries?


  2. Anonymous8:40 PM

    What is blowing raspberries?


  3. Sounds like a happy, healthy baby boy! Pepper also quite enjoys the pulling hair. While she drinks her bottle, or when she used to nurse, she pulls my bangs the whole time. I swear I'm going to be bald in the front soon!


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