May 10, 2010

Oliver: 11 Months

Can you believe this was me last year?  That big, huge belly has turned into this amazing little boy:

I can't imagine our family without him.  What a joy!

He's just started crawling, very very slowly.  Loves to sing paddy-cake and itsy-bitsy spider.  Sweetly smiles at anyone who looks at him.  Becomes giddy when Isabella enters the room, until she smothers him with loves or takes a toy away.  He hates having anything removed from his hands (he screams!).  Thinks it's funny to put non-edibles in his mouth and have mama attempt to dig them out.  Uses his morning oatmeal as a facial and hair gel.  Has fallen in love with bath time (except hair washing).  And makes some really silly expressions (see above): scrunched up nose, fish lips, etc.

Oliver, we love you!

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