September 8, 2012

First Day of 1st Grade

Last year I thought the first day of kindergarten was tough.  But the first day of 1st grade was even more heart wrenching.  I have my theories as to why.  Perhaps it's because the school eases the kids (and parents) into kindergarten with lots of half days in the beginning where parents get to hang out for a while.  Perhaps it was the of knowledge of what school really was, combined with the uncertainty of what 1st grade would be like.  Perhaps it was because Isabella knew it was the beginning of a long, tough journey.  (After the first week of kindergarten she asked, "How many more days until I'm done?"  In February they had a big celebration when they reached "100 days of school".  Isabella was convinced that was the last day of school; and stuck to her conviction, "School should only be 100 days!" until school finally got out on June 28th.)

Whatever it was, it made her extremely nervous.  (During summer break she never talked about school.  And just shrugged her shoulders and avoided eye contact if anyone asked her about it.)

On Thursday morning, the first day of school, I was convinced she was, indeed, quite ill with a stomach bug.  Brian insisted it was nerves.  In the end, Brian was right.  The drop off in the classroom was painful.  Several kids were crying (so glad mine wasn't the only one!).  But, of course, Isabella's teacher is beyond amazing and had all the teary kids busily helping her as I quickly tried to pry Isabella off my body and exited the classroom.  At pick-up my brave little girl was all smiles.  Daddy had promised her a first day of school celebration of frozen yogurt at 16 Handles.

It ended up being the only food she ate all day, but it was an exceptional day.  My little, tender girl fought a good fight that morning.  She stared fear in the face and she conquered it!  She came out of the battle stronger and taller than before.  I am so proud of her!

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