September 8, 2012


A few weeks ago we jumped on a last minute opportunity to go to Boston for a weekend.  It was right after the tornado hit and my in-laws were without electricity.  Boston became the best get-away from our get-away.

I don't think I give Brian enough credit for all of our amazing adventures.  He's really the catalyst for all the amazing stuff we do.  And I'm so grateful for his adventurous, fun loving personality.  It definitely keeps life exciting!

One of the best parts of this trip; the part that made it really enjoyable for me (and everyone, I think) was we had no concrete plans.  We didn't have an agenda or checklist.  We went slow, took one moment at a time and just enjoyed being together in a great city.  I'm not sure if that would work for every trip we take, but for this trip, at this season of life it was perfect.

Here's what we did on our spur of the moment trip to Boston:

Lots and lots of walking

Dined on super-duper creamy clam chowder and cannolis

I caught this little boy sneaking into this box several times.

Enjoyed the beautiful city way past bedtime 
(and did not regret it the next day)

Climbed aboard Old Iron Sides (USS Constitution

Hiked 300 steps to the top of the Bunker Hill Monument.

 And treated ourselves to the 
"Oliver Pizza" and "Isabelle Pizza" at Figs Restaurant
(Coincidentally, the owner of the restaurant, Todd English, has 3 children; named Isabelle, Oliver and Simon.  The Figs Table has been our favorite cookbook for years.)

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