April 28, 2013

Texas Forever

Last post of Texas!  We drove from College Station to Ft. Worth and spent a few days with Brian's cousin Katie and her sweet family.  Dallas/Ft Worth was much more exciting and worth visiting beyond the airport (where we've spent a lot of time in all our cross country travels).

Old stores and cool signage in the middle of nowhere.
One of our favorite things we did in Ft Worth was going to the Stockyards where they still herd a few longhorns down main street everyday.  Just for show, but we enjoyed the show.  The longhorns are really amazing.

 And we ate some more awesome barbecue.

One evening we drove to Dallas to visit some NYC friends who moved there recently.

And took a fun little train ride around a beautiful park in Ft. Worth.

And that wraps up our Texas travels.  Next up... Louisiana!

1 comment:

  1. I love the Friday Night Lights reference, and I know exactly what train and what park you are talking about. I have been on that train myself, haha! Can't wait to see more photos!


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