June 24, 2011

Swedish Cottage

Yesterday we took a "down day".  I made no plans and we just were going to chill, go walk around the park, and chill.  I felt tired.

It was misty and damp out, we ended up by the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater right before a show was going to start.  There was a woman aggressively pushing a preschooler in a stroller leaving the cottage when we approached.  She insisted we take their tickets and not pay her.  I didn't fight her.  We walked right in, sat down, and enjoyed the show.  The show, The Secret History of the Swedish Cottage, was beautifully done.  The sets were gorgeous!  The story was probably difficult for the kids to follow since there was no dialogue.  But Isabella was entertained the entire time and Oliver lasted all but the last 10 minutes (longer than I expected).

I just asked Isabella what she thought of the production, she said, "It was great!  Except the thunderstorm.  It made my belly hurt.  It made me feel sick inside."  I had completely forgotten there was a storm in the show.

getting ready for the show

these photos don't do justice to the amazing sets

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