June 24, 2011

Simon: 6 months

Okay, so it should say: Simon: 6 months, 1 week, and 3 days.  This boy changes so fast that a week (and 3 days) can make a big difference.  Like , since last week he's now moving and getting places.  No he's not scooting or crawling yet, but he rolls and somehow can get his little body from one corner of our apartment to the other within minutes.  He's becoming more aware and in control of where to go and how.

Simon is awesome!  He always has a huge happy open mouth.  He loves to be thrown up in the air and tossed about.  He's so close to sitting up on his own and I know he can't wait to master that so he can play with his toys and see everything around him.  He has amazing grabbing skillz.  If I'm holding him and reaching for a plastic bag he's got a grip on it before I do.  Prying his little fingers open from plastic bags and his sister's hair is a tricky task.

He has a sweet, soft nasally laugh.

Oliver has been more interested in Simon lately and tries to play with him, move him, or sit on him.  Oliver loves it when Simon shows interest in him (i.e. when Simon reaches out to grab Oliver's face or something like that) and Oliver makes a game out of it.

Isabella still adores Simon (a little too much sometimes) and greets him first every morning.  She tries hard to make him laugh and is a little confused (sometimes) when her goofy tactics don't work.

When Brian is near Simon gets super excited and kicks, kicks, kicks his little legs until Brian picks him and swings him around.

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