March 26, 2011

Restaurant: recipe

During Brian's vacation we have been going out to lunch at some new places.  recipe is our new favorite spot.  We've been there twice this week.  All the dishes we have tried are so tasty.  The vegetables are amazing: fresh, crisp, flavorful.

The lunch menu is a steal!  

We've tried: chestnut soup (special), pumpkin gnocchi (special), duck leg, lamb ragu, seared scallop (special), striped sea bass (special), mussels, pulled pork sandwich, and the chocolate pignoli tart.  Oh! and the bread basket too!  yummm....

We really enjoyed everything we had, but our favorites are the pumpkin gnocchi and the braised lamb shank ragu.  I'm seriously craving the lamb!

yummy striped sea bass

pulled pork 

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