March 26, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! ~belated~

I had this post ready to go then I got distracted (can you imagine?!).  And then the computer was off to the shop, getting a new CD drive, since the last one wasn't working.  (Because silly iMac designers put the card reader right under the CD drive.  Don't they know that exhausted mothers, trying to upload photos of their cute kids, might accidentally slide the memory card into the cd drive?!)

Brian starts a new job on April 1st, so he's taking these next couple of weeks off!  It is so much fun having him with us as we explore the city.  The weather was glorious and this is what we did on St. Patty's Day:

Waiting for me to return home from a morning run.

Enjoying a "shamrock shake": protein, fruit, veggies, and green food coloring.

A bit of bluegrass  in the Times Square subway station.  I loved them!

Pausing to see the workings of a photo shoot in Soho.

Practicing his scooting skills in Soho.

Munching on very yummy corn on the cob at Cafe Habana.  He must have gotten some spice.


  1. i love the pic of little oliver scooting around in nyc! man your kids are city kids!! my kids would be smashed by a car in two seconds.

  2. your kids are such cuties! love all your adventures! LOVE the pic of them waiting at the window for mama.

    you kinda have me wishing we had a subway here so we could have blugrass bands in it.

    love your smoothy-for-dinner thing too. i have the pickiest eaters ever, and am totally going to start taking this approach.


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