January 3, 2011

Oliver: 18 Months

Oliver's 18 month birthday was December 11th; Simon's due date.  I had hoped to have this post up before now, but...well...things got busy.

Oliver is such a joy; so quick to laugh and smile.  He loves to pretend to cook in the play kitchen and spends much of his time there.  He has begun to ask to use the potty and actually did successfully once!  He loves and adores Isabella, mimicking her most of the time.  Oliver is quick to share, tease, hug and kiss.  The words he uses, that I understand are: mama, dada, Belllla (with a whole lot of tongue), juice, yes, cook, and cookie.  Otherwise he communicates very well with sign language and grunting.  He is a boy who knows what he wants and makes sure we understand him.  He is addicted to watching shows, loves the book "quiet LOUD", has great rhythm drumming and dancing, loves walking around outside and playing in the snow.

Oliver is very expressive, especially with his lips.  Unfortunately he would not make his "sad face" for the camera.  His sad face is adorable; so much so I have a hard time not smiling when he is sad.

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