May 17, 2010

Spectacular Saturday

Last Saturday was one of those days...absolutely perfect in every way!  Pancakes first thing in the morning followed by playing in the city all day long in the 70 degree sunshine.  So fantastic!

I ran a 5K race in Riverside Park with my friend R-J.  (And finished in 27 minutes!)

We ate a yummy brunch on the Upper West Side at Regional (good food, fabulous staff). 

Then I changed my clothes and we headed out to Flushing, which is an authentic "Chinatown" (not touristy).  We were the foreigners (we felt tall) and signs in English were minimal. 
While there we bought our favorite Chinese treats:

and ate AMAZING soup dumplings:

Isabella even loved them!
(I'd love to tell you the name of the restaurant, but it was only in Chinese...sorry!)

In the evening we dashed home, left the kids with a babysitter (yeehaw!!) and went to see Ironman 2 in IMAX.  The movie was fun.  But the whole day was spectacular!!


  1. that does sound like a spectacular day!!

  2. Such a great sounding day. I feel tired just hearing about it! You all look great. Miss you!

  3. You're fast. Nice work. Want to run in a 10K on June 12th?

  4. your energy amazes me. for both the terrific race time & activities that followed! way to go.


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