November 13, 2008

Why I don't take showers...

This is what I found when I finished my shower this morning. Her royal cuteness, on top of the kitchen counter, guzzling from the huge honey jar.

It was a good reminder why I don't shower very frequently. It was seriously the quickest shower ever; no shaving, no hair washing. But when I was done the apartment was quiet...too quiet. So quiet that I made her jump when I busted up laughing.


  1. That is too funny and just a little bit scary! A very quiet house is never a good sign. The pizza sounds heavenly and I can attest that your bread making skills are superb! Great idea with the notecards...if only I could get Morgan to actually pain with the finger paints instead of trying to eat them?!

  2. ha ha ha! look at her using her abs to hold that big hunk of honey up!

  3. hah! i thought it was juice at first. good think honey oozes instead of gushes. I probably average 2-3 showers a week for similar reasons. :)


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