June 6, 2008

Will Power

Sun Run on May 19, 2007

This article from the NY Times got me thinking about my will power. I use to be really good about self-control, but it seems to gone the way of ... I don't know...but my self-control definitely isn't as strong as it use to be.

I really like the idea that the article mentions how if we exercise our will power muscle in one area, it can strengthen it in others as well. So, I've been putting it to the test.

To have my will power work well I've had to put together a good schedule and stick to it most of the time.

Here's my morning schedule that I've been doing for about a month:

5:30am wake up
6:00am outside running
6:30am read scriptures
7:00am wake up Brian (and baby usually wakes up too)
7:30am make healthy breakfast
8:00am shower

My goal is to be in bed by 9:30pm (although it is usually 10pm, which is still really good for me).

With having a baby there are never guarantees of a schedule, but I'm doing pretty well so far. I've been feeling fantastic, happier, healthier, and more energized . Which makes me a much better wife and mother.

Since I've started running on a regular basis I've been much better about not giving into my cravings for chocolate, and sweets in general. For a month I had a chocolate fast. And felt great. Then more recently I went without any refined sugars for a week. Which was much harder, but I had so much more energy. There was a stronger part of me coming from within. If I can choose to not eat sugar, I can do anything. I felt very empowered.

The same carton of ice cream was in the freezer for weeks. That hasn't happened in years.

Here's a good blog from a Columbia student who is going without sugar for a whole year. I'm very impressed. I'm thinking of trying it for a month. Baby steps, right?


  1. Kiasa, you're an animal!!!

  2. wow. Good for you. Also, congrats on running the 10K.


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