June 6, 2008

CSA Here I Come!

Photos from Roxbury Farm's website

Yesterday was my first time to pick up from our local CSA, which comes from Roxbury Farms. I was kind of nervous, kind of excited. I love the idea of eating fresh, local food. But I have high expectations and hope to get great produce. Although, I really didn't know what kinds of food I would expect to get yesterday.

I grabbed some escarole and made this dish last night for dinner. I've never used escarole before, so I was excited and proud of myself.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the broccoli rabe.

We also got a large bag of mixed greens and 7 Mutsu apples. We eat apples, but not that many.

But I'm super excited to eat all this fresh food. I've been contemplating starting a new goal of eating at least one serving of leafy greens each day. I think my weekly visits to the CSA will guarantee it.

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