August 30, 2013

Mount Tremblant, Canada

Brian found a great deal on a large, comfortable hotel room in the mountains of Canada.  It was a ski resort called Mont Tremblant.  I felt like we were at Sundance, but everyone spoke French.  We stayed there a few days and enjoyed our time.  The views at the top of the mountain were incredible.

My relaxing morning tea on the balcony.  So dreamy!
We took this gondola ride up to the tippy top of the mountain a couple of times.
My girl loves picking wildflowers.  From Texas to Quebec.

The "Skyline Luge" was an awesome way to ride down the mountain.

Her expression is saying, "What?  There's a toy inside my chocolate?!"
Isn't that a dream come true for any child? :)
We got her a couple more Kinder eggs while in Canada, cause we are good parents like that. ;)
Amazing, right? 

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