March 9, 2012

My Numbers

Years lived: 34
Number of children: 3
Years I've been married: almost 10!
Years I've known my awesome husband: 15
Number of siblings: 6
Number of siblings I share my birthday with: 1
Number of nieces and nephews: 15
Number of houses/apartments I've lived in: 19
Age when I got married: 24
Age when I became a mom: 28
Number of cars I've owned: 2
Number of strollers I've owned: 2
Number of countries I've been to: 5
Years I've lived in New York City: 7
Years I originally planned on living in New York City: 1

And, yes, today is my birthday!  And, my older brother, Seth's birthday!  It is a wonderful day and I'm grateful for my amazing, abundant life.

Yesterday Isabella whispered in my ear, "I know what you want for your birthday.  Lots of hugs and kisses...and flowers."  She is so right!


  1. Well, I'm really happy for those numbers. And I am thankful that you were born 34 years ago and got married to my son almost 10 years ago, and had those 3 beautiful children. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you get those hugs, kisses and flowers!

  3. Happy Birthday! Unfortunately it sounds like your kids are giving you additional gifts besides hugs and kisses, but hopefully you won't remember that!

    You are a rock star!


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