February 10, 2012

Sunshine + Family

I try and come to California every February for a couple of reasons; but the main reason is to escape NYC during its dreariest, coldest season and soak up some California sunshine while visiting my wonderful family.  With NYC having one of its most mildest winters ever I was wondering if I had timed my trip all wrong. But my sunshine state does not disappoint. Northern California is also having a very mild winter, or should I say early spring. It has been sunny and in the mid 60s everyday this week (well, except the one day it wasn't, but I've already forgotten that).  (Usually it is a little cooler and rainy in February.). Yesterday we played outside in the 70 degree sunshine all day!  It was amazing, fabulous, and so good for my soul. 


 The last time we were able to visit I was 7 months pregnant with Simon and Oliver wasn't walking yet. As much as I wanted my kids to go exploring, it was exhausting for me to chase Isabella around my mom's few acres. But this time feels so different. With Simon on my hip I can chase after Isabella and Oliver almost all day.  It is so much fun!  


 Three of my five brothers: Kayle with Kate (Brett's baby), Sean with his Marek, and Brett with my Simon.

Yes, Sean and Brett (my "little" brothers) are twins. When Isabella first saw them (it's been a long time since she's seen them together) she quietly came up to me, a bit perplexed, and said, "Your brothers look...the same."

There is an age gap between the oldest cousins and the younger ones. Which actually makes for some very fun playmates, extra helping hands and awesome babysitting while we visit.  This is the amazing Emma becoming reacquainted with Oliver (aka making him laugh really hard).  I love that my older nieces and nephew completely adore my kids. 

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