January 9, 2012

Christmas Highlights

Christmas was lovely.  Simple, pure loveliness.  The Carini's came down for a few days from Connecticut (they stayed in a hotel, cause there is no room in our "inn") and we celebrated the holiday with them.  It was surprisingly simple, fun, and dare I say, calm.  Just the way Christmas should be.

Christmas Eve

Grandpa was an excellent sport donkey for the Christmas story, carrying a pensive Mary; guided by an adorable Joseph (or was Oliver a shepherd?).
Great Grandma with one of her 15 great grandchildren
Exhausted Mary.  Gentle Joseph.  Squirmy Baby Jesus.

Christmas Morning

A highlight was walking to and from church on Sunday.  Spencer played Christmas carols on his accordion the whole way.  It was beyond awesome!


  1. What a beautiful family you have. You guys look like you have a lot of fun! I am now trying to hear a christmas carol in my head on the accordion...


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