August 10, 2011

Summer Streets 2011: week one

Summer Streets is right up there with blueberry picking and Florida in February.  I love it!  This is it's 4th year.  It occurs the first 3 Saturdays every August (it's only from 7am-1pm).  I think we've gone to it every single time.  And I still love it!

Last Saturday we didn't have our bikes (they are in storage in Connecticut) but we still did a part of it (E 23rd St to Spring St).  Brian rode his Dahon and I jogged pushing the kids in the stroller.  Isabella scooted some of the time and sat on the back of Brian's bike the rest of the time.  We had a great time.  But I am dreaming of biking the whole thing soon!

New Yorkers: even if you don't have bikes you should still got to at least part of it.  It is so fun to see the city from a whole new perspective (bring the camera). Whole Foods sponsors a block party with tons of free, yummy, organic food at E 24th & Park Ave.  (Seriously, you can walk away with a weeks worth of Stonyfield yogurt, Organic Valley cheese, Odwalla juices, etc.)  Other fun places to go: through the tunnel around Grand Central and on Spring St & Lafayette (there is a lot of fun stuff as well).  Here's the route map.

Every year I dream about how I could saddle up all the kids and take them on frequent bike rides.  We came across the Adams Trail-a-bike Tandem (super cool) last Saturday.  And I still love the Zigo that I first saw last year!

Cow milking by Organic Valley.  I got to tell my kids about how when I was little my daddy taught me how to milk a real cow.  (Thanks Dad!)
Free Ciao Bella gelato. 
Say, "gelato"!

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