August 3, 2011

Attitude of Gratitude

I'm grateful for my ergo carrier.  I've carried each of my babies in it for a good portion of their baby-hood.  My busy, active life in New York City is possible (and enjoyable) because of my ergo.  It is worn, tattered, and quite faded, but I still use it almost every day.  If it isn't strapped on me, it is stashed in the stroller.  I love it!

I'm about 5 months pregnant with Simon and comfortably carrying Maine.
Isabella (age 3 1/2) asleep on Brian's back in Savannah.
I wish I had asked a stranger to take my photo while travelling all over the western U.S. last September.  I was 7 months pregnant with Simon, carried Oliver (16 mos) on my back in the ergo, pushed Isabella 4 years old in the stroller, and I pulled 2 suitcases with 2 car seats attached.  It was quite amazing.

If there is ever a disaster in NYC and I have to get us out without the use of the stroller I've already figured that out: Simon on the front in the moby (thank you Kristen), Oliver on my back in the ergo, and (if completely necessary) Isabella on my hip.

I love that whenever I strap on the ergo Oliver asks to ride in it.  I love carrying my babies!


  1. Even in suburbia I feel like a spokesperson for my Ergo. I always have it in my minivan, just in case, even though Pepper is almost 2 1/2. I have carried 40 lb Morgan on my back in it as well. I have had tons of friends use it because they are so used to strollers out here, that no one ever thinks of carrying their kids. I have so many wraps, backpacks, slings and carriers but my heart belongs to my Ergo!

  2. Love love love my moby and ergo! There have been so many times where I want to laugh at other people trying to maneuver their kids in crowded places with huge strollers. You probably feel even more grateful living in the city.


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