December 9, 2010

Baby Boy or Basketball?

My official due date is Dec 11 (this Saturday!!), but as expected, it appears he probably won't arrive until next weekend.  From the beginning I tried to convince myself I have a longer gestation than the average woman (and actually told many people I was due Dec 18th), but now that I'm this big I can't help myself but hope he'll come sooner rather than later.

I just had an appointment with my wonderful doctor (who I love and trust) yesterday.  So for all you who might be wondering why not just get induced now, here are some reasons:

  • My body isn't showing any signs of labor and so artificially inducing labor might not even work (and could lead to an emergency c-section).
  • It is best for the body to do all it can on it's own and at this point only patience is required.
  • I'm measuring smaller than I was with Oliver, so we are hoping he's not as big.
  • My doctor (who came on call right as I needed to push Oliver out and I feel possibly saved his life) will be out of town this weekend but in the hospital next weekend.  For me, that alone is worth a whole week of waiting!
Isabella took this photo two days ago:  


  1. that really does look like a basketball---it looks fake!!

  2. Isabella is a good photographer! Stay strong, he will come :)

  3. The baby isn't here yet because he wants you to be able to go to the ward Christmas brunch...which I realize you might not be able to attend b/c he sits in your belly still. But he has good intentions.

    And p.s., even with the basketball, you are glowing!


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