July 17, 2010

Isabella's Big Race

My little girl has been begging to run a race with me for well over a year; maybe two.  Today was her day.  The Run for Central Park had kids races, so I signed her up.  We talked a lot about it, bought new (much needed) running shoes, and hoped her nerves would not stop her when the moment came.  She did great!

Lining up for the race.

She was adorably nervous!  Very quiet and serious.

Running the race.
I was running with her, trying to photograph her.  She was too fast for me!

The finish line.
She was so happy!  She loved it!


  1. I was thinking about her/you yesterday. I'm so glad everything went well. How many 3-year-olds can say they've run in a race? Good job Isabella!

  2. That's Awesome, Isabella! You will be like your mama, strong and fit and fabulous!


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