January 13, 2010

Oliver: 7 Months

 Oliver and 7 months old go together like peanut butter and jelly!  It's a perfect fit.  Seriously, he is absolutely adorable.  So curious, so happy, so deliciously plump.

What he's into:
*Eating Cheerios like it's nobody's business.
*Sitting up like a strong little man.
*Expressing his own opinion.  As in, "Don't you dare take that from me or else I'll scream."
*Being best buds with his big sister.
*Adoring his daddy.  
*Eating his mamma's face.
*Pivoting on his round belly like a lazy susan.
*Laughing.  Smiling.  Repeating.
*Bringing amazing  joy into our little family.


  1. this the cutest picture ever!

  2. Oliver is just beautiful! He sounds like an amazing little man and I'd love to see him trying to eat your face. That sounds pretty impressive. Pepper likes to pull on my bangs while she drinks her bottle. I'm pretty sure she's trying to make me go bald! She has hair envy already!

  3. Oh my goodness! Look at the face! :) Happy 7 months Oliver! We love you!


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