November 4, 2009

Right Now

I was working, she was quiet. Too quiet.

"What are you doing Isabella?"

"I'm not doing something."

That was enough reason to check on her. I found a chunk of her hair
missing, luckily, only to the chin. She said she wanted short hair,
like me. I debated taking her for an expensive NYC kids cut ($30, no
joke!), but instead turned on a movie and grabbed our sharpest
shears. It's horribly crooked, but surprisingly stylish. And
extremely adorable, if I do say so myself.

She said she wants it shorter. I said "It might look funny."

"I want it funny." she replied matter-of-factly.

"Ummm. Let's wait and talk to daddy."


  1. You are amazing and I do think it looks fab on her! She's got more volume now...

  2. I do miss the curls, though!

  3. i can't believe how much she's grown! and she could totally pull off a shorter "funny" hair cut. she's adorable.

    hope you guys are well!

  4. doh! it's sad too see the whispy lengths go, but I think short hair on little girls is super cute too. And much easier to take care of. When Evalyn cut her hair the first time, she basically just gave herself bangs and I actually thought my MIL had done it without telling me!! that was an interesting conversation when we found out otherwise...

  5. sunny5:48 PM

    What a great haircut. I love it. I wish I had as much hair as you guys do.


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