September 7, 2009

Back to School: Be Real

Friday's class is "Discovering Your Personal Philisophy". Last Friday's lesson: School of Thought: Be Real. I had a bit of difficulty deciding what to write, so I just took Oma's prompt and went with it. (Note: this is not an attempt at creative writing--which is on Mondays. Just self exploration.)

And, just as a FYI, Thursday's class is "Home & Family Relations", this week's lesson: Family Matters: Love being Green. Since it was a very personal assignment I did not post my "homework" on the blog.

Prompt: As a trusted mentor, write a letter advising yourself what to do about a current situation in your life. Prompt: "Dear Friend, I know you're worried about ____. Knowing you like I do, I'm sure you feel____, but I trust your instincts. You seem so____.

Dear Friend, I know you are worried about juggling all that is required of you right now. Knowing you like I do, I'm sure you feel overwhelmed and tired, but I trust your instincts. You seem so willing to become the best mom for your children. Take a deep breath--or better, 10 deep breaths--when you feel like you might burst. The moment will pass, the children will be happy again, and Brian will tell you how much he loves and adores you. The babes will only be babes this one time, the laundry will get done, the kitchen doesn't always need to be clean and it is okay to sit down and do nothing sometimes. Nap daily, prioritize, play with the kids. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed because you don't function well. When you feel overwhelmed nothing gets done and you feel frustrated. It's a viscous cycle: prevent it!

Remember what makes you feel good. Running,'re on that and doing great! on that. Go to bed once both kids are asleep. You can catch up on movies later. Hold Isabella, read to her, hug her, and tell her how important and wonderful she is. Be patient with her; it will strengthen your relationship. Keep Oliver smiling and happy, it's so easy. Laugh with him, those are the sweet moments you will always remember. Remember to take quiet moments for yourself. Reflect and meditate for a moment while the kids are asleep or content in their activities. Fill each day with gentle, sweet moments. Remember, you can do this! These beautiful children are why you are here! They are what life today, and for eternity, is all about!

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  1. I love this post. It's so real it makes me cry, because I remember those days so well: happy, frustrating, and so hard. The advice couldn't be better; read it often!


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