January 7, 2009

Olivia's Blessing

Angela and Jon's sweet baby, Olivia, was blessed in Connecticut while we were visiting. I got to play photographer and practice a ton with my Nikon. All the models were so patient and fun to photograph. I snapped 300+ photos of the event and had a hard time picking my favorites.


  1. you got some great shots!

  2. oh my friend, I so enjoy connecting with you and the Carini clan. you are amazing with that new camera! those pictures of Olivia (am I allowed to say Little Livy?) are simply precious. makes my heart sigh.

    and since I'm playing catch-up from your last 10 posts, I loved the goggles sculpture! and those ginger cookies:mmmm. I hear you on "dove tailing" the meal to your guests. it definitely requires a special touch that I'm far from mastering myself! (although I guess if we actually had friends over more often I'd get better at it.... ; )

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Wow. You are a really good photographer. Those are great shots. I wish you were around for Harper's blessing because I sure wasn't paying enough attention to snap any good photos.

  4. She's beautiful! What an "adorable" bonnet. You're getting pretty good with that camera, Blistex.


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