January 26, 2009

Cold & Hot Chocolate

We spent half of Saturday out in the city, which was bitter cold when the wind blew. After lunch at The Hummus Place (fantastic food at fantastic prices!) on 7th Ave in the West Village we walked by Grom (an overpriced, over-hyped gelateria). Grom had an enticing poster in their window of some really good looking hot chocolate. We stood in the cold way too long debating whether or not we should get some. We have tried many, many delicous cups of hot chocolate and definitely have our favorites, but this stuff was amazing! Three of us (adults) split a small and we were all in chocolate coma heaven.


  1. First, we LOVE the hummus place. So cheap. Second, glad to hear GROM has good hot chocolate. We were pleasantly surprised when we tried the Shake Shack's....so thick and yummy.

  2. this is good to know. it looks so delicious in that cup!!

    oh i love hot chocolate.

  3. yum. I'm a hot cocoa connoisseur/snob. I think I would visit this place too often if I lived there!


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