September 29, 2008

Have Toddler, Will Travel

I was so very nervous about traveling with Isabella on our last "free" trip (before she turns 2). She's such a demanding busybody lately. Fortunately everything went fabulously. We got a seat next to an empty seat (so she had her own) all the way to Seattle and then we sat in first class all the way back. (Oh, how I love first class!) She napped well en route, watched shows on the iPod, flirted with the passengers behind us, ran up and down the aisle (making all the grandmas smile and cute) and was overall well behaved. The last half hour she was always a little antsy, but aren't we all?!

Above are a few items I picked up before traveling that were fantastic at keeping her in her seat and happy. I highly recommend them when travelling with a toddler. The "Doodle Pro" was the favorite. I swear I traced her hands and feet for at least 30 minutes non stop; and then drew a "ig ish" (big fish, said in a deep voice with arms raised high) over and over again for another 30 minutes. The "Lace and Trace" was great too. Her attention didn't last as long on it, but when she was doing it she was so focused; I could actually get some reading done myself. And the crayons I think she'll grow into. She used them, but not too much. The thing I love about them is they are triangles, so they don't roll away! Perfect for travel!

1 comment:

  1. good for you! looks like a fun trip. family visits are always worth the travel hassles, hands down.


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