August 4, 2008

Rescue Me

Outside our living room window

We don't have television and I really don't care much of what goes on--on television. But when a whole, huge crew showed up at our apartment building shuffling paint, equipment, crew, cords, etc. through our hallways, and locking up our elevator, my interest piqued. I had never heard of the show Rescue Me until now--but I guess it is in its 4th season. (Is that right?) And it has a big name, Dennis Leary. Who knew?!

They are filming the 8th episode for the fall in apartments 2C and 4A. Or at least that's what that unfamiliar, buff man in the hallway told me.

So, if you are a fan and plan on watching the 8th episode next season, just think, "Hey, Kiasa lives there! Does she know her building is on fire?"

Please, Rescue Me!

1 comment:

  1. Gotta love the city for its randomness. I love that no one has to inform you ahead of time that they are going to do something like that right around you in your building. Too funny.


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