July 22, 2008

Restaurant Week Day 2: Bar Boulud

Today we enjoyed our lunch at Bar Boulud on the UWS. It is a fairly new restaurant and we enjoyed it, but I think yesterday's meal at Gotham Bar & Grill was better, overall.

Brian got the Pate, Roasted Chicken, and the dessert was similar to a creamy meringue (can't remember what it was called).
I got the Chilled Carrot Soup, Mussels, and Pecan Mousse.

It was our first time trying pate and it was good--we enjoyed it. The carrot soup was fresh and refreshing. I really, really liked the pecan mousse. It was good, delicious food, but nothing was a "WOW".

I'll try to write down the actual names of the menu items...they sound so much more delicious.

1 comment:

  1. Wow that is an impressive goal to hit a restaurant everyday. Good for you guys for taking advantage of the city's deals. My mouth is watering just hearing about it. All of your other adventures sound fabulous and I love all the pictures. Good job for all the running you did. Always amazed!


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