May 11, 2008

Saturday in the City

Yesterday we spent the day in our favorite place...The City. We love to just go out and wander the city. We didn't get out until later than planned but still made it down to the galleries in Chelsea for about and hour an a half before they closed. Our favorite exhibit was the first one we stepped into at the Gagosian Gallery, 555 W 24th St. The show is from Robert Therrien and I loved it! It was so fun.

We felt like it was our opportunity to look at things from Isabella's perspective. I wasn't allowed to take photographs but the exhibit was much better that the photo above. We walked into this room with HUGE card tables and folding chairs that we could easily walk under. It is something to experience. Absolutely loved it!

The show just opened on May 9th and goes until June 14th.


  1. I just found your blog. I had no idea you had one. I will link to it and visit more often now that I have found you.

  2. what a neat perspective to enjoy.


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