April 8, 2008

Target Terror!

On Saturday Brian and I went to Target in the Bronx (our closest one on public transportation) and I learned that suburban type shopping establishments clash with urban life. It was an absolutely horrible experience. The Target in the Bronx was just as huge as any other Target I've been to, but this one was completely (emphasis on completely) packed. The store wasn't dirty but the inventory was everywhere except where it belonged. The shelves were empty, the prices didn't match anything.

The only reason we went was because we decided to finally buy a car seat for those infrequent trips with a Zipcar (one was planned on Sunday). The cheap, lightweight car seat I went to that store to buy wasn't in stock on the floor, but in the back stock rooms. It took well over an hour and me talking to 4 different staff members for them to finally get the car seat for me. The experience seems like a dream, and odd, bad dream.

THEN...On Sunday when we did have a car for the whole day (because I was doing a couple of parties in Brooklyn) we went to Costco to return an item that I bought the last time we were there a couple of months ago. Once again it was a crazy, horrible experience. Cars were lined up waiting for a parking spot to open.

I really don't usually mind the masses of people in the city. For some reason the combination of the huge retailers that were filled to capacity with people just didn't jive with me. Besides so many of the shoppers seemed really poor andwhere are they going to put all that crap anyway?!


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    That Target gives me the willies! I never find what I am looking for, although I go up there pretty often just to feel (ever so slightly) like I am back home! hah! Hope Isabella likes her new seat!
    love, Priscilla

  2. Anonymous6:47 PM

    hi there!
    i live up here in inwood, near said target, and it's really much better during the week. especially in the morning. practically empty in fact. i don't go anywhere near it on the weekends!!!! sorry for your bad experience. come back up here sometime during the week. how old is your little one? i have a 2.5 yo girl. cheers, sioux in inwood
    btw, found your blog thru soulemama's comments!


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