March 20, 2008

Vermont Farmhouse

I'm not sure what started it, but since I was a young teenager I've dreamt of living in a Vermont Farmhouse. I use to be fascinated with stories or photos of rural Vermont. There always seemed to be something romantic about it all. A few summers ago Brian and I spent a few days touring Vermont and I do believe it is one of the prettiest places I've been to. It is so very green--in the summer.

I originally saw a reference to this farmhouse on {frolic}. But the farm is Riverside Farm.

1 comment:

  1. I was entranced by red barns and fall foliage and green fields as a young girl. It's where I wanted to live someday. :) It's also where my grandmother's family is from, so I always felt this extra connection, even though no one is there anymore.


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