January 11, 2008

Gift of the Year

A few months ago my Blackberry Pearl took its last, finally fatal, tumble right outside The Ambassador Theater (where Chicago is showing) on W 49th St. I was so sad to see it go and I hadn't realized how much I had grown accustomed to its constant source of information until it was gone. I reluctantly stuck my SIM into my old Samsung and fell behind on my e-mail correspondence. Intentionally I expressed my woes to Brian, who really enjoys buying me cool tech stuff.

I was almost certain another sleek Pearl would show up at Christmas time. Especially when one evening a few weeks ago I was cleaning out Brian's coat, getting ready to hang it up. I put my hand inside one of the inside pockets and Brian suddenly yelled, "STOP!" My hand had touched something, but I wasn't sure what (definitely tech related) when I dropped it back into the dark pocket. I assumed it was a Pearl, but it hadn't felt like one.

Come Christmas morning Brian was full of surprises! Brian gave me two gifts. The first was a 2 GB memory for the camera. And the second I totally freaked out over when I opened it.

WOW! He did it again! Completely unexpected.

That's not all! This is a VERY special iPhone! Brian spent a lot of time researching iPhones and was able to purchase one of the first models brand new from Apples refurbished division online. From what he tells me those models are hackable and the newer ones are not. So, Brian, of course hacked it. Now I use T-Mobile on my beautiful, fabulous iPhone.


From what I've read, it was the gift of the year!

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