December 22, 2007

Celeb Sightings

I know it is kinda silly, but I'm sure we all do it...keep track of when and where we run into celebrities. It happens in NYC more often than I expected. There are a few cases when I have seen someone, but I wasn't sure if it was the actual person, or someone who looked just like them. I try to not stare too long. :)

Tonight when we left Crumbs Bake Shop with on the UWS (with "blackout" crumbs on our lips) Jerry Stiller was walking into the shop. It's been a while since I've stumbled upon (literally, in this case) a celeb, so it was fun.

When we first moved to NYC , two and a half years ago, I was searching for a job and was on a "working interview" at an after school program in the Gramercy area. When we took the kids to the gym after our program where all the parents/nannies picked up their kiddos I saw a woman across the gym with her boy that looked so familiar. Red hair, fair skin (she could have been a relative, really). I was certain I knew her from somewhere. But where??? I was racking my mind about it, ready to go up to her and say, "Where do I know you from?" The girl I had been teaching with leaned over and said, "Is that Juilanne Moore?" Ah, yes! The light bulb came on and I felt silly thinking I actually knew her from somewhere and so glad I didn't approach her. Just before then I had seen her latest movie, The Forgotten, so I was glad that she still had her son. :)

No more time....I'll have to post more of my sightings in later posts.

Uma, Ethan, Julia to name a few.

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