April 21, 2009


This may not seem like much to you, but her hair is clean...washed...and she's still happily playing in the bath. It may not happen again this year, but today it did. Bath time is a constant battle often remedied with a "sponge bath". But if I am able to persuade her to get into the water she quickly remembers baths can be quite fun.

Washing the hair is another story, probably our biggest challenge at the time; one that I don't understand. (Willfulness and tantrums I at least understand, usually.) Terrifying screams, heartbreaking cries, and frantically clawing her way out of the tub are always the consequence as I begin to clean her locks. Concerned for her physical and psychological well being I am learning to let go. Which means she will sometimes go months without a hair wash.

Today was good. Calm and gentle. Only a few complaints.

She stayed in the tub a good half hour after the cleaning was complete...an all-time record! I guess today was productive; very productive now that I think about it.

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  1. Hooray for a long bath!! I am so thrilled about the beautiful weather, but now Graham needs a bath everyday with his filthiness:) We were going with 2 times per week all winter, so this is a new frequency. I am excited for the sprinklers to get going, and then maybe we can shampoo them in the park!!


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