March 14, 2013

The Original Southeast States Tour Route

Middle of southern Florida.  The endless, flat croplands reminded me of the San Joaquin Valley, where I was born and raised.
This is the planned route we settled on before we took off on our adventure a few weeks ago.

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Several things have already changed and more changes are expected.  For example, we decided to hightail it to Florida to warm up.  We have spent a lot of time here seeing a lot of this beautiful state, playing on the beaches and swimming in beautiful pools.  Then we plan to go to Charleston, SC on our way back north, when it's warmer than 55 degrees.  There have been and will be more stops than what is indicated, but this is just a guide.

It's fun to see how this map is morphing into our life.  I love that this guide is what we are living and making into memories.  This is a quick look at our amazing, ever changing life.


  1. Yes! You added in Montgomery! And I noticed on instagram that you went to more places in florida than what you said you wouldm which is the cool part of doing this for 3 months and taking your time. Man, you are the coolest family!

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  3. i love that last picture! where does the camper fit into this adventure? are you pulling it behind the civic?

    i'm inspired by the trip. thanks for posting!


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