August 10, 2012

Real a snapshot

I general I try to post the things I want to remember. Mostly the good stuff, with a dash of reality. Like my little unplanned series: Why I don't... Which are fun snapshots of the messes my kids make while I'm attempting to be productive. (Besides, I'm not about to pull out the camera while my kids are screaming or fighting in an effort to capture the "real" moments.)

BUT, while we were at Gillette Castle the other day Isabella wanted to take a photo of the boys and me. And this is what she captured: me, stopping Simon from biting Oliver, while Oliver picks his nose. When I saw it I couldn't stop laughing. A perfect snapshot of "real life". It's not pretty or glamourous, but it is, in this phase of life. And even with the bad and the ugly, us + now, is amazing and awesome.

1 comment:

  1. Haha - I love it Kiasa! I featured your enjoying the rain on the latest outdoor play link-up, just to let you know & thanks for adding it to last link up. Kierna


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