June 19, 2012

Why I don't make dinner anymore...

In the middle of making a real dinner*, I caught this little dude helping himself to a snack...and spreading the love.

I love how he's trying to get it off his foot.
*real dinner: referring to a meal I made that wasn't pb&j, quesadillas, pasta, smoothies, or popcorn.  A rare thing around these parts.


  1. What a great definition off 'real dinner'! That's a feat around our house too!

  2. Kiasa, coming from a mother that I HUGELY admire (you), this post pretty much made my month! A 'real' dinner is very rare here too. I'm currently in the process of chronicling some of Chelsea's better exploits, similar to this one by your little man!

  3. hey, pasta and toast and eggs count as "real", don't they?? These two faves happen a little too often at our house.


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