September 27, 2011

School Wardrobe

My little Isabella loves fashion and to dress up.  Since she was about 18 months old she has demanded to get herself dressed and wear whatever she wants to wear.  In theory I'm totally okay with it.  But in reality, wearing snow pants in July?  Not an option.  (Same goes for swimsuits in February.)  And since she's a strong willed sweetie (I have no idea where she got that from. ;)) I prepared myself for school.  She and I worked to put some good school outfits together with the clothes she has.  I took photographs and we are using these photos as our morning guide.  

Most mornings she's fine and will pick out something that works perfectly (even if its not photographed).  But mornings, like today, when she's insisting on wearing something that won't work for school (like Oliver's tiny t-shirt) I pull out these photos, tell her which ones are still clean this week, and let her pick.  It worked beautifully.  I was so relieved and happy!  Power struggle solved!

Since taking these photos I've purchased leggings and long sleeve shirts to wear under the skirts and short sleeves.  I'm sure as it gets chilly I'll need to update our options.

Next up...her hair.  She's been demanding some funky hairdos ("Two braids and two ponytails.  Right here and here and here!").  How do I redirect that without squelching creative thinking?!


  1. Look at that little sassy pants. She's so cute. As far as crazy 'dos go, offer braids or ponytails. Then offer a number. Or just let her have what she wants, she won't do it forever. Or maybe she will...

  2. That's genius! Too bad my mom hadn't thought of that one b/c there were a LOT of fights in my household about dressing ourselves. We could do mostly what we wanted, but she put the kabash on my excessive layering w/ leotards once I had an accident b/c I could get all my clothes off in time. Whoops!

  3. Love her! When I was little (and had LONG hair) my mom had a book of hairstyles, so I could pick from various things. I think it was a klutz book? Maybe something like that would help? I LOVED the book I had.

  4. Erica, that's hilarious!

    Alex, love that idea! I'll look into klutz. Or take photos of her hair when it's an a-okay style.


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