June 27, 2011

Summer Fun List!

Hey Local Peeps!  I know so many of you are reading this...even if you don't admit it!  I'm putting together a google calendar and attempting to plan out our summer fun in New York City.  We would love to have any and all of you join us on our adventures this summer.  If you want me to share the calendar with you let me know (comment, email, text, etc).  It's not finished yet...

Many friends and acquaintances have expressed interest in doing more "adventures" in the city, so I thought this might help and inspire you.  Hopefully not overwhelm you, since there's a whole lot out there.

Disclaimer: You do not have to commit to coming with us to any of the events if you want to just view the calendar.  Also, I am biting off more than I can chew, so I know I won't do everything on the calendar.

It's inspired by Mommy Poppins 100 Free things to do this Summer.


  1. Sign me up! This is awesome! I always have to do a bajillion searches on google to find all the events, so this will be perfect. I'd be happy to add anything I find. Thanks, Kiasa!

  2. you know I'm a fan! We're in. I found a cool list of things in Time Out New York Kids if you're looking for ideas.

  3. Even though I won't be here for all of it I would like to sign up as well. Thanks Kiasa!

  4. Anonymous10:22 PM

    I love your lists Kiasa!! Meanwhile, have you seen the exhibit of LISTS!! at the Morgan? It is FREE on some night- I think Friday. Thank you thank you for google calendaring it!! xoox, lj

  5. I wish we were there to participate in all this amazing fun. I was just lamenting to some friends recently that there is SO MUCH to do in NYC during the summer and in Vegas you just hole up in your house and turn up the air conditioning. (Side note: we're totally those annoying people who say "well in new york...." but we can't help it. NY does that to you.)

  6. Hey LJ, I have not been to the LISTS exhibit yet, but keep thinking about it. Wondering if I can/should take the kids.

    emily! I know if/when we move away half my conversations will start with "When I lived in NY..." At least in Vegas you can go out all winter.


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