February 15, 2011

Simon: 2 months

Yesterday was Simon's 2 month birthday!  He's a sweet little boy.  As long as he is rested and his belly is full he's a happy baby.  Just this last week he is much more content to simply lounge in his bouncy seat and watch all the commotion going on all around him.  Sometimes he will even let me cook dinner while he watches me from afar.  He's quick to smile when smiled at, but we haven't heard much laughter since that video I posted last week.  But that doesn't mean we don't try!  He sleeps fairly well, usually giving me a good 5 hour chunk in the night.

Simon has brought with him some fantastic blessings.  Most days I really do feel like Wonder Woman.  I am much more deliberate with how I spend my time.  I am so much more organized and keep to a pretty rigid schedule, doing all I can to make sure everyone is taken care of.  The amount of energy I have most days amazes me.  I feel much more connected to the people I see regularly; I think because if friends have available hands I pawn off Simon to a them and they love it.  He is adored by many.

Isabella is still very adoring, although a bit less attentive.  She is almost always willing to help Simon stop crying if I need to devote all my attention to Oliver (i.e. when he sits on the potty).  Oliver's affections are a bit unpredictable.  Sweet and tender one minute followed up by a bit of aggression.  We are figuring that one out.

Simon, we LOVE you!

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  1. oh my that is the best picture an you have the cutest baby!


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