January 4, 2010

Cousins + Trains + Pizza = A Perfect Saturday

It was a bitter...I mean BITTER cold out (wind chill=5 degrees), but we were determined to enjoy the city!  We succeeded.

This was the beginning of our adventure.  She wasn't actually asleep, but still groggy after her nap. We went out to meet up with Spencer, Heather, Devon and Roman for some play time.

I think the New York Transit Museum is one of the city's best kept secrets (and cheap too).   I have heard about it several times, but it was always dubbed "If your kid loves trains..."  I never considered us train lovers, but we loved the museum and could have spent hours here.  Too bad we arrived 30 min before closing (but they let us in for free).  We will be going back again soon.

We finished the evening with some delicious pizza from Lombardi's in Soho.

 And over-priced pastries from Celi-Cela


1 comment:

  1. That was one museum we never made it to. I guess when we come to visit we'll have to check it out.


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