August 31, 2009

Back to School

One of the blogs I occasionally read is offering some back-to-school "classes". I've decided to participate when I have a free moment, or two. Monday's are creative writing and I chose to simply list some writing projects I would like to undertake in the future. We are encouraged to post our work on our blogs; which is really quite scary for me. As a reminder to those visiting (and myself), the purpose of this blog is to record the adventures of me and my family. This is a personal endeavor.

Writing projects I'd like to do someday:

~The man, his dog and the subway door: how that almost happened to Isabella and me
~Cinque Terre
~Motherhood in Manhattan: lessons in sublime survival
~The influences of powerful women in my life
~Life on Leach Road: the scent of eucalyptus
~Isabella: my great grandmother, my daughter
~My dream home: love, peace, warmth and a garden
~The Humanity Project: short stories of kindness among strangers in a big city


  1. Interesting list! If you ever get down to writing them I'd like to read the ones on powerful women and dream home.
    Enjoy the course!
    A 'classmate'

  2. If you have a blog, and leave a comment, a little pop-up asks for your name (blogname or real name, whichever you want), your email, and your website address. Then your comment automatically links to your blog. If you check remember me, it does. Great list, by the way!


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