April 7, 2009

ER *take two*

Last Thursday night Isabella had a fever. We canceled all fun plans for Friday and took a sick day (also because neither of us slept Thursday night). On Saturday evening she began breathing funny. Short, quick breaths. Kind of like lots of tiny hiccups every time she tried to breathe. She was in good spirits but complained a bit about chest pain. I was worried. Mostly because they never found and recovered the cashew from her lungs three weeks ago. The pediatrician thought it would be best to take her to the emergency room for some chest x-rays.

My little one freaked out when I told her we needed to go to the doctor again. I cried and cried as I held her tight, but did my best to stay upbeat and positive. All for her. Luckily Brian was there--my pillar.

Once we got to the ER and began the process she did a great job. They got a good dose of Motrin in her and soon she was feeling and breathing much better. All they found was a slight inflammation in her left lung, possibly the beginning of pneumonia or other infection (which may, or may not, have been caused by said cashew). We were out of there before midnight in search of Isabella's prize for having to put up with such an ordeal...ICE CREAM!

This is our first experience with that pink, syrupy amoxicillin that we all had as kids. It is now a part of her diet twice a day for 10 days, and it's becoming less of a fight with each dose.

My sweet, silly Isabella is a strong, brave little girl!

I am forever grateful for my iPhone. It's amazing what a little Curious George can do for the sick, trapped toddler.

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  1. This poor girl! I'm so glad you didn't have to spend all night at the hospital - there's nothing worse. Amen to the joys of the iPhone - they are so good for those moments nearing insanity. :)


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