April 1, 2009

Before California...Design Mom

Just a few days before I headed to California I had the fantastic opportunity to do a party for Maude Blair. Her mom, Gabrielle Blair, is the amazing woman behind the popular blog, Design Mom. Gabrielle posted a fabulous bit about the party and has a ton more photos on her flickr photo stream. View the write up here. For more information about my fun science parties go to www.ScienceExplorersNY.com.


  1. I'm curious. How many referrals will you receive from this Design Mom posting? I expect you will be busy. Good work, Kiasa.

  2. Hey! I know both those ladies standing next to you!

    The party looked awesome, Kiasa. Way to go!

  3. It's hard to know how many referals I'll get since birthdays don't happen all at once. I already have at least two. But the activity to my website has been much higher since the post.

    And, Cafe Johnsonia, I didn't know you know Emily? She's amazing and I totally love her.

  4. This is a big deal, Kiasa. I would like to go to one of your parties and make green slime and worms in three different colors.

    And it looks like you are really figuring out how to use your new camera. Your pictures turned out great. Nice work.


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