June 1, 2008

Mother's Day

I know it has been, like, a month since Mother's Day, but it has been a very busy, busy month. Tons of birthday parties and then my mom came to visit for 10 days. Finally a chance to post.

On Mother's Day we were going to go visit the Carini's in CT but Brian was a little sick and didn't want to spread his germs to his family, so we stayed in the city. But since we had already told everyone we were going to be out of town, we didn't go to church (I know, the cat's outta the bag!) but went and toured Brooklyn all day. It ended up being quite chilly but we had a great time exploring new parts of our wonderful city. I really loved Fort Greene. It was a great feeling neighborhood. We caught dinner at a small Italian restaurant off the beaten path (in Carroll Gardens, I think). I loved their fennel salad (and I've never liked fennel) and their bruschetta was awesome.

The photo is actually taken on a subway platform while we waited a long time in the cold breeze for a train to come. It was a great day.

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